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  1. No worries, it happens. I'm sure you weren't very happy about it yourself. You did annoy me a bit later on though But again, no worries, all good! Got lucky in quali, started my actual hotlap with only 1 or 2 seconds left on the clock, made it to P4, was very happy with that. I was hoping I could fight for the podium so this was a good start. Start went well, bit of a bang behind me but got through turn 1 safely, could snag P3 and from then on it was all pretty straight forward. Could pass Skiper in lap 2 but he stayed in my mirrors and took back P2 in lap 5 or 6. He then spun out in lap 10, P2 back to me. At the end I got surprisingly close to Diego. Very happy with the result, better than expected. Video will be on my channel at some point in the next 24 hours. Race 2 was interesting.. Inspired by the early pit stops of Oldboy and Diego, I decided to pit in lap 3. Turned out to be the right choice. Got a little damage when I crashed into spun out Oldboy in the last corner. However, with mechanical damage off I only had the aero to worry about and considering the endless pit lane in Long Beach it was clear that another pitstop would totally destroy my race so I just had to keep going. Last lap was a thriller. I have to apologize to @skiper271, the trouble I had with the back markers led to me blocking him a little. If you look at the video I'm sure you'll understand. Great race, you really put some pressure on me there..like..the whole second half of the race while you were creeping up on me I've aged a lot in this race, haha.. good job, guys! If I understand correctly, we have 2 weeks break now and the next race is on November 5th on COTA National, right?
  2. When I chose my livery there was one other car using the same, now we are 4? lol I switch to #941 please. Thank you!
  3. Sorry but I simply followed the logic that presented itself to me. I wasn't the first one to choose a livery that was already taken so why is it a problem now when apparently its ok for #5 and #181?